The Best Muscle-Building Supplements For A Perfectly Ripped Body

For adding tons of lean muscle fast you need to do three things in a perfect way. First, work multiple times for hours per week following a progressive and structured training plan. Second, follow a balanced and varied nutrition plan that provides enough fats, proteins, and carbs in the right proportion to give all essential nutrients to the body to recover and grow. Third, get at least six to seven hours of good-quality, deep sleep each night, because this will make your muscles grow stronger and bigger.

If you do these three things right, then best muscle building supplements can help accelerate your muscle mass gains. We are providing you few options.

* Protein Powder-As your muscles are made of protein, it’s obvious that eating more of it will help you gain more lean muscle mass. Most experts advise eating 1.4-3 g of protein per kg of bodyweight, which means an 85 kg man needs to eat around 170g over the course of the day.
The easiest way to get right protein is by taking protein-rich food, such as red meat, eggs, fish and white meat, because it contains a complete profile of 9 essential amino acids.

Bodybuilding steroids also offer you the right solution. Whey protein is the best sports nutrition product that helps grow muscle rather fast due to its rapid digestion. Other types such as casein are slow digesting proteins, and for the best results, you need to take them before bed so each of them drip-feed various amino acids deep into your muscles as you sleep.

You can take them as shakes by mixing 35-50g of whey protein with water to kick start body’s recovery process by delivering amino acids to muscles when they need them the most. You can even take whey shakes several times a day.
* Creatine-It’s a naturally occurring organic compound, and is also the main form of energy that body uses. It is available in certain foods, such as red meat and is stored in muscles. So if you’re not a pure vegetarian, you will have adequate levels of it. Its higher levels will increase muscular strength, size, and power output.

The best muscle building supplements for this organic compound can improve muscular performance, especially your power output. It also improves anaerobic endurance by acting a fuel for cells because muscle cells use creatine for energy before they use glucose, helping your muscles to lift longer.

The best effective form of this compound is creating monohydrate, and daily dose is in the range of 5-6g. you can even take 13g per day and split dosage in 6 g twice a day. Take it with water and after the meal if you have some stomach issues.

* Beta-alanine- One of the best muscle building supplements, it is a naturally occurring amino acid and a widely used ingredient in sports nutrition products that are to be taken before the workout. Once consumed it binds another amino acid (L-histidine) to create a completely new compound carnosine.
It improves muscular endurance, but only if you do intense exercises, such as the 500m sprint or aset of heavy squats.

You can take it on it’s own or even as a part of a pre-workout formula to improve muscle’s ability to perform intense exercises for longer durations because it can delay muscular fatigue. For this reason, you can take it ahead of short or intense training sessions, whether based on high-intensity cardio or on weights. Start with a low dose and then gradually increase it with time.

When you’re taking beta-alanine as a pre-workout formula, consume at least 50 minutes before your session. The standard dose is between 3-6g.

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